~Death is not the end of life; death is just a change of where we live our life. ~

This week was a major awakening for me as to how blessed I am to have this ability to see and communicate with the spirit world; It was the anniversary of my mother’s passing and the same day our family dog who is like our child and sibling was sent to the spirit world to live.

As our family has mourned his loss I found a deep gratitude for being allowed to see and know that the spirit world truly exists and that our loved ones are OK and still around us. For me communicating with spirit has become more normal and real than speaking with people in the physical world, and it got me thinking about everyone I have sat with over the years and for others who are suffering the pain of a loss and do not have the peace of  unequivocally knowing  that heaven is real.

It brings me joy to know that death is not the end of life and my wish is for everyone to know it; because it brings an inner peace that cannot be found by anything in the physical world. I could share profound signs and messages of what I have experienced but if you have not gotten your own validation you will always question if it is real.

I can honestly tell you that I am actually closer to my mother now then when she was alive ; because she is magically present and in the “know” of things and has a higher level of insight and guidance that can only be obtained from the realm that she is in, and through her connection and power of our creator.

 I would say that the spirit world is kind of similar in ways to the old TV show Bewitched… because spirit can see, hear and pop in at any time and have the ability to hear our thoughts and  move things and do things that are humanly impossible.  It is like they have super magical powers… they can  turn things on and off, they can send you things such as pennies, dimes, quarters, Nichols and animals to cross your path along with  birds, butterflies, dragonflies, flowers or anything else under the sun that has some meaning for you or them when they were here.

 They can call your name and they can come to you in a dream which is a way that is easiest for them to communicate because we are spirit and when we  sleep we enter the spirit realm through dreaming… so know that if a loved one appears in a dream  they are really showing up to visit you, they may have a message or just show their presence  silently as a way to show you they are with you, it is not your imagination it is a very real visit.

Spirit can overlap a person in the physical world so you can see them; so when you think you see your loved one physically don’t think you are losing your mind because  you are really see them. When you think about them and get goose bumps it is an actual spiritual hug from them, when they pop in your thoughts they are really standing next to you whispering in your ear telling you they are with you and the more you talk to them and include them in your daily life the more they will give you signs that they are around.

 They will never scare you and they know when you are ready and open to receive their signs and messages, which can only be seen when you are truly in the present moment.  Waiting and searching for signs will never be seen but will always come when you need them and when you least expect them to appear.

  I always tell people to pick some sort of private sign to send for  your loved ones and friends while each of  you are both alive so that when one of you passes you can send that sign as a validation that is unquestionable  to show that the spirit world is very real. Even if you did not make an arrangement for a specific sign to be sent you can still ask them now and it will be sent.

Everyone can connect with their loved ones and the more you keep their memory alive the more they come around but the same goes in the spirit world as the physical world…if you are sad, depressed and constantly whining about their loss they don’t really want to come around because it is depressing and any of the signs they try to send cannot be seen because you are spinning in the past or future.

Death is hard; it leaves an emptiness that is like no other and creates drastic changes for those of us left behind but… it is through death that we learn what true love is and that it is a bond of love that is never broken.  The spirit world is not far away it is just a veil between two worlds that is becoming thinner and thinner as people are awakening to the voice of their inner spirit. Create your own connection and relationship with your creator and experience a glimpse of the love and magic that awaits us all.


Window 44 – Are you speaking for your heart or ego

~ You have to know the difference between” heart” and “ego” to know which one you are speaking from… and once you know the difference; you will be able to know which voice is speaking in others, to which  you will no longer take offense of the words or actions you witness.~

Your heart is your physical life source and it is also the portal for your spiritual connection to a higher source; which provides guidance through love, truth and compassion for us and others.

The mind has many compartments; so when it is said to turn your off your mind, it does not mean to turn off your common sense.   It just means to tune into the voice of your spirit; so you will see the depth of truth in a physical situation verses the false, self-righteous, self-serving and negativity from the voice of the ego.

The ego is the weakest compartment and it knows that if we tune into the voice of our heart, it will diminish and become almost nonexistent.  That is why it screams the loudest in hopes of detouring us from our heart to  which it gains  strength  but… the irony is that we have the power and control to choose which voice we listen and speak from.

Once you are able to tune into your heart, you will be able to” feel” which  voice is speaking through you and then you will be able to” see”  which voice  is speaking through others, which will help  guide you in your reaction.

~ WOW ~



Window 37 – Your conditioning creates your conditions

You have to dig deep to uproot your past conditioning before your new seeds of growth will bloom.  Mixing new enlightenment with  your old behavior will poison the possibility for your new growth to take root… which entails  living a double life.

You have to let go of what has hurt you,  face the truth of your actions and seek forgiveness; to understand why your past is attached to your present moment. To know why you have been holding on …is when you gain the wisdom to let it go.

~ WOW ~

Window 28 – Maintaining Inner peace

~Don’t allow what is happening around you shake your inner peace into chaos… Remain still and allow it to pass through you so your inner peace filters into what is happening.~

If you absorb everything toxic that is going on around you…You will just be fueling the chaotic energy that is passing through you and it will become an explosive. We have no control of what is going on around us but if we maintain control of our self and state of inner peace; that energy can help neutralize and break up the power of the explosive as it drifts by towards another person.

Happiness, peace and stillness is a choice… it take’s a “conscious” effort to maintain so don’t allow another person’s drama, fear or actions disrupt your state of happiness…Instead; disrupt their negativity by defusing it with  the love and the peaceful energy you are holding in your heart.

~ WOW ~

Spiritual playground

The spirit world is not a playground …. Just as there are mixes of people in this physical world of good and bad there are the same mixes of spirit in the spiritual world. The big difference between worlds is that not everyone can see the spirit world so those that are intrigued and infatuated in seeking signs, validations and ghostly thrills have no clue of what lingers, follows and will hunt them. It is a door that can never be closed once opened.

The fascination with the spirit world has escalated to a level that is good in the sense that people are becoming aware that we are eternal…. but the intrigue is also fueling dark spirits to take over those that are weak minded, searching for a purpose or those who believe that the spirit world is for a thrill ride of entertainment.

Among the seekers are fraudulent spiritual mediums, ghost hunters, and paranormal investigators that have nothing more than a strong intuition or no ability at all and they are so intrigued with the unseen that they long to be a part of it.   They are merely actors who believe the super natural is the “it job” and the role of a “medium or  investigator” feeds their ego and lines their pockets as they prey on the emotions of people suffering or who are seekers like themselves.

What the actor’s don’t know is that they are actually the ones being played by darkness; because if they cannot see it…. It will present itself as light and actually appear to make them believe what they are seeing is really a “being” of the light side. This trickery of darkness changes the perception of the actor to believe that they really do have an ability to see spirit; which fuels them to connect with more and more people and feed’s a connection to darkness like a chain letter.

Everyone has had some sort of spiritual encounter either through a dream, a spiritual visit or an unexplained sign… Sharing one’s encounter or experience is a wonderful way of validating and helping others who have gone through something similar but…. when you move beyond the experience and become  intrigued with desire to seek more experiences;  it is like inviting a wild animal into your home and locking yourself inside without have a key or tool to get out.

The spirit world is not a path for every being…. Even though we are  all spiritual being’s having a human experience… it does not mean that  human beings are suppose to create a spiritual experience  on their own accord.

If the spirit world wants you to know something from a passed loved one or needs to give you guidance on your physical journey; it will happen unequivocally through a dream, sign or message from another person or source that cannot be explained; but will be validated by your heart.

You are not thrown into this physical world without guidance…. All the signs you need for your walk are everywhere but if you are too busy “seeking” to find them you will never notice them.

~ WOW~