Window 1718 – Frozen in fear from the past


Every wall we build up around us, keeps love out, and allows darkness to keep us incased in old memories of past pain, that is no longer happening.

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Window 1623 – Take a closer look

trees in waterOur everyday moments can become magical, when we  change the focus from our eyes to our heart… for what we see may seem like nothing new, but when our heart see’s it, the view becomes a cherished memory.

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Window 1596 – Holding on to emotions

mushroomOne is not over something if they continue to bring it up time and time again… for to truly be over  a situation, it no longer comes to mind, nor is it voiced… it just remains a past memory.

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Window 1369 – Memories of love


The reflection of our happiest moments, can transport us instantly to that same feeling… to which we can snuggle with, in our current moment.

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Window 703 – Dark whispers

1507184_856654267718609_2070981902601788138_n Darkness is always the whisper that tries to pull us back into thoughts and people of our past, to prevent us from evolving fully  into the present.

The repeat of old rhetoric is the only tool that darkness has to use, to try to lure us away from the calling of our spirit.

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