Window 1680 – Cut the ties of negativity

facesThe only way to move forward from a painful situation, is to forgive, and keep moving forward.  For if we remain in reliving the pain, we can never heal.

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Window 1677 – Never look down at others

colorOne’s financial status does not define them as a person… but how one with a higher financial worth, treats those with less than them, truly defines them…For manners, kindness, compassion and heart, exceed anything material.

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Window 1665 – People really can change

stoneJust because our mind can only remember how someone was in the past… does not mean that they are the same person in the present… but if the past  is all that we can see, then it is us, who are in the clutches with the darkness our mind.

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Window 1661 – We are all equal

land We all awaken in our own due time and when we have thoughts that we are above another… we are actually deeply below them.

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Window 1640 – Cleanliness keeps everything in balance

beach cityWhen our house is cluttered and unorganized, darkness becomes a squatter and our mind begins to spin.

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Window 1634 – You can always find your way back

ovalWe begin to lose pieces of our true self through the influences of the world… but all we have to do, is become still  look within, and the lost pieces will appear… for they never leave us.

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