Window 1751 – The signs are real

poolOur purpose, has already been decided; and our journey through life provides the clues… so all we can do is follow the signs, and listen for the whispers of direction.

~ WOW ~


Window 1724 – Unseen blessings

treeMiracles and blessings do not just happen to everyone else… and they do not always appear in an earth shattering form. They most often arrive without us even noticing… and that’s why we think, that we are void from receiving them.

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Window 1723 – Life changing love


If you never connect to Jesus and the love he has for you, you will always have an unexplainable emptiness.

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Window 1704 – Keep the vision of your dreams clear

boatsIf we allow our negative thoughts of doubt, to override the energy of what we dream…those thoughts, will delay the fruition of our destiny.

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Window 1691 – Unexpected confusion

flowersEvery time a dagger of darkness is thrown our way, negative thought’s  will  begin to consume us… just throw it back, because those thoughts are untrue.

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Window 1688 – Reflect on how you got to right now

poolDon’t allow your life circumstances , to distract you from the miracles in life, that have already arrived…For if we lose those memories, we are taking the power and blessings from Great Spirit, for granted.

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Window 1666 – Don’t miss out on greatness

sunset If we do not make a connection with Great Spirit, we will never understand the power of a miracle, nor feel the depth of what true love is.

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