Window 1787 – Give grace over judgment

ladyEveryone deserves the opportunity to awaken and evolve from their mistakes… for our mistakes, are just our teacher’s in life, not our life sentence.

~ WOW ~

To: Michelle, Amanda and Gina with love



I have no windows of wisdom to share tonight because my heart and mind are joined in devastation due to the horrific evil darkness that Michelle, Amanda and Gina had to endure in Cleveland.  

I send All three girls and their families prayers and wishes for peace, healing and blessings…and for some miracle to take place in this world so no one ever has to fall prey to this type of evil again.

I wish for wisdom to be gained from this and for everyone to unite in order to create a change within our system, so that a missing person is no longer the Normal!  If we stand together we can make a change, but if we continue turn our head and  allow the normality of darkness to take over, all light will become dim.

Prayers and love sent to Michelle, Amanda and Gina and to all families suffering the unknown where about of their precious loved one.

~ WOW ~