Window 1471 – Release what you don’t want to face


When we are at our worst, we have reached our breaking point, from holding everything in.

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Window 1280 – The only connection for a way out

478170602_685ad0f9b6The sign of the cross will appear  randomly, when you are in need of comfort and feeling alone…to let you know, you are never alone… and to seek a needed connection.

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window 1276 – Swim or drown


 The level of love can  never reach  fullness, but the level of negativity over flows with one drop… because it is toxic to our spirit.

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Window 1131 – The answers are within

imagesThose who claim to have all the answers, are the one’s who are searching the most; but carry no depth of wisdom, only tidbits of truth.

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Window 998 – Look at the energy you give off

imagesK2IULGV6We can either enhance the beauty around us or destroy it with our energy, for our energy either blooms and grows or turns to weeds.

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Window 966 – Mistakes are had by all


 Before we begin to throw a rock of judgment toward another person we must stop and ponder  our own actions… and we will see that no matter how more horrendous another’s actions are compared to our own, it is still an action of disgrace.

 Therefore we must refrain from judgment and come from a place of compassion, forgiveness and peace… because  that is what we all wish to receive, when we lose our self, due to our own internal pain.

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