Window 1600 – The power of acceptance

seaWhen we can love the parts of our self that the outside world judges… we have mastered true self acceptance.

~ WOW ~

Window 659 – You are worth loving


When you treat yourself like you would your best friend, all the negative chatter begins to shift  into love.

~ WOW ~

Window 405 – Whispers of truth


If you cannot hear the divine whispers of guidance coming from your heart, your mind is speaking at a distracting octave, trying to represent it’s self as  the voice of light… but Divine light always illuminates softly, without negativity .

~ WOW ~

Window 222 – Become Love in everything


“When we make a conscious effort to think, listen and speak in a state of love toward our self and others, our negative thoughts cease to be heard.”

When our negative thoughts are not guiding us, we are loving, gentle, kind and compassionate toward our self and others.  So if we strive to walk in love, love will become us, because we are following the footsteps of the Divine.

~ WOW ~