Window 1770 -The positivity of self acceptance

furArrogance, boasting and pride, are all forms of negativity, that are rooted from one’s low self esteem.

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Window 1726 – Shift your thoughts, change your life

color  Our own destructive words and thoughts, toward our self, creates a toxicity within us, that destroys our cells of love… to which darkness can then plague us with depression, illness, anxiety, stress and fear.

We can reverse all the negativity, by just changing our thoughts and words, by learning to love our self and accept our self.  It’s that simple.  Love can truly heal us.

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Window 1466 – Forgiving is more peaceful

boat dock

If we cannot over look one another for  negative actions, we will be walking in anger toward everyone… for all of us at one time or another has made the wrong choice.

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Window 1418 – Don’t get caught up


 When we are over loaded with watching and reading new’s of negativity, we must dive into laughter, prayer and nature, for balance… or the negative will be absorbed and we will begin to change.

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Window 1124 – Be you and accept it

images3WV75PQSIt does not matter how many things we surround ourselves with, for emptiness will still be felt, when we do not know who we are.

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Window 1036 – you can do this

imagesDTV738R0Every challenge we are faced with, leads us to where we are trying to go… so we must embrace the challenge, instead of fighting it.

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Window 1022 – Love is the most important focus

images2Z03O4CPThere is no score to keep with anyone… even if they have wronged you… If you want to keep track of something, focus on what you love and seek to find love in everything that causes you to shift from love, in thought.

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