Window 843 – Push through your pain


Jesus  sweated blood In his darkest hour; but he did not take his own life to avoid enduring the journey laid before him, even when he knew what was coming… So we cannot give up…We are not facing anything that he had to endure and he is our example of true strength and greatness.

 Jesus knows the pain of what we are enduring and he is the only one who can pull us through it…so we must lean on him, and  push through our hardest times and know that he is right beside us.  Don’t give up, because our darkest hour always turns into our greatest gift of light.

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Window 810 – Rewards for our pain and suffering.

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We will placed in tasks that are out of our control and that are very unpleasant, but our task holds a deeper purpose than we can see, so we must trust in Divine reason and know that something will bloom from our efforts and dedication.

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