Window 1772 – Things, do not make us complete

umbrella shadeWhen our mind is continually longing for things, in hopes of finding the feeling of completeness…we must remember that it is just a tool that darkness is using, to try to distract us, from seeing that we are already complete.

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Window 1542 – We all hold the key to make changes

cabinGood people are everywhere and doing amazing things for others everyday, but…drama and negativity seem to take the for front… which is  celebrating darkness, when love and kindness should be celebrated.

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Window 1418 – Don’t get caught up


 When we are over loaded with watching and reading new’s of negativity, we must dive into laughter, prayer and nature, for balance… or the negative will be absorbed and we will begin to change.

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Window 686 – What we see we recreate


If the news was filled more with random acts of kindness, miracles and love… would more people detour from evil and try and make their mark with love?

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Window 91 – The eyes of your heart have a different view


“Seeing things through the eyes of others creates a vision within that illuminates the vision of what was… and allows you to let go of anger and blame because you are seeing what the other person sees.”

When we feel betrayed or hurt by another person’s actions, our pain can distort our thoughts into reacting with anger, revenge or hate…but if we can stop and look at the situation through the eyes of the persons actions, we will see that their perception, past pain and ego have a different vision and your vision of them will no longer hurt.

When you can see past the surface of what appears to be… the eyes of your heart see the depth of one’s actions, and your vision is filled with understanding instead of a reaction.

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