Window 200 – In nothing, everything awakens


“Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is exactly what we need to be doing; so instead of feeling guilty when the call of silence speaks to you, follow the whisper, for it is only through stillness that divine guidance can be heard.”

 When we are accustomed to always doing, the actions of doing nothing becomes our fear, because it is within the silence that both voices of dark and light are heard, and a doer is to mind busy to decipher the difference between the two voices,  so always doing keeps us  from having to face what our internal voices are saying.

 Have no guilt with nothing to do, for within  stillness everything emerges.


~ WOW ~

Window 166 – Don’t let yourself or another diminish your worth


When we walk with lies and secrets we carry with us the broken pieces of our self-worth, because when our worth has been diminished, we will compromise our integrity and our walk becomes a performance of strength, but internally we are walking in shame.

Our self-worth is void when we live as someone other than we are, or when someone has demeaned us into believing we are worth nothing because of a blunder.  With no worth we will either lie and re-invent our self to appear worthy, or we will act out in anger for being demeaned.  We are all equal in worth through the eyes of Great Spirit , so don’t allow anyone to dismiss you as nothing, because you are everything, with nothing.

~ WOW ~

Window 144 – See your worth without material things


“When you learn how to die to all of your material things, you will be able to accept death when it comes.”

If your” things” define who you are and you were to lose them, who would you be? Would you have to get more things to feel alive, or could you stand strong in who you are with nothing but the basics materially?

Freedom of your soul comes when you can see that  your worth is everything that you already are, and so much more that you cannot yet see.  Unlike  material things you are eternal, so instead of trying to fill a void with things, “feel” the love of the divine within, and let that love penetrate your mind, and your true worth of self will be seen.

When you know your true self, and your physical death comes knocking, you will know that it is not a death, but a walk into a new level of life that you will gladly accept.

~ WOW ~