Window 1661 – We are all equal

land We all awaken in our own due time and when we have thoughts that we are above another… we are actually deeply below them.

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Window 1356 – The truth is within


When we can face the depth of the self we have created, the answers to our internal questions are revealed.

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window 1276 – Swim or drown


 The level of love can  never reach  fullness, but the level of negativity over flows with one drop… because it is toxic to our spirit.

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Window 1154 – Only listen when ego is speaking

imagesSilence is golden when face to face with someone who is only concerned with  their own perception of truth.

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Window 1076 -Evolve

imagesK729A0RLOne’s opinion; that is different than our own, should not separate us or taint us toward that person… for it is an opinion… and an opinion is not the heart of a person… it is just a thought process, that arose  from the many different patterns of one’s life.

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Window 1071 -Viewing others opinions

images5AS8O0IXEveryone has  their own view of what they see as their truth; so instead of shutting down another persons view, because is distant from our own… we need to try to at least look in their direction, for our view is not always crystal clear.

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Window 852 – Just be


Inner peace emerges when we stop chewing on every thought, fear and opinion… and just surrender to love and acceptance.

Window 824 – Don’t believe what you have not wittnessed with your own eyes


That what is represented to us does not always mean it is an authentic view… for reality is only truly shown out of the sight of a watching eye.

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