Window 1085 – kindness is always the right choice

images3C3BKQ51Kindness does not take effort for it is who we all are at our core… it is hatred that takes the effort.

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Window 891 – We must overlook each other


The laws of the universe does not operate from a place of an eye for an eye… it just simply projects the energy you put toward another and sends it back to you in return. .

We cannot control what others do to us, but we can control what comes back to us… so we must be kind and overlook others, as we want to be overlooked for the things we have done…because we all have moments when we fall from grace.

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Window 871- Never throw a stone


If we can remember what we have done to other people in our past, we will be able to overlook what others have done to us… For all negative actions are just outbursts of pain that have been bottled up.

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