Window 1782 – Forgiveness frees the soul


If we are quick to remember the faults of other’s… we have not truly found forgiveness for those actions… to which we have to put our selves in check, to the fact that Great Spirit forgives us, so how dare we think we cannot forgive another… for we are all flawed.

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Window 1371 – What we are meant to do


When what we are passionate about keeps calling us for attention, we must take the call… even when we are fearful of the changes that will take place, from answering the call.

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Window 1364 – The irony of the mind


When the mind is medically in disarray, stillness sets in, but we will fight to retain, but when we purposely try to remove the memories of pain and find stillness, it is the mind, that fights to retain them.

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Window 1358 – You are love


There is love in your life, even when you feel you are unlovable… You just have to own it within your self first, for it to be seen around you.

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Window 828 – The power of our energy


If we do not have a passion for what we are doing, we taint the energy that is connected to the outcome of what we are doing.

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Window 595- Signs within our dreams

IMG_0123Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you are  just chasing a dream… the vision of what we desire is of Divine placement, into our heart and thoughts, to show us  the way.

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