Window 1637 – Our hurdles lead us to our destiny

yelloOur biggest disappointments lead us to the pathway of where we are destined to land, and how we emerge into who we are meant to be.

~ WOW ~

Window 1236 – A unique turn


The personal  pathway  you are seeking, is in the opposite direction of where everyone else is going.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected 

Window 1035 – The hearts will lead you to forgiveness

thK192U2GLWe can only begin to forgive, when we can see the heart of another… and know that it is identical to ours, but just not heard.

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Window 857 – Hidden blessings


Just keep moving forward in Divine trust and the pathway of what is meant for you, will illuminate one step at a time, effortlessly.

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Window 242 – Never turn away from truth


“When we purposely turn our head from what we know is right, we step off the path of the divine and begin walking a path of our own creation that is unsecured and paved with illusions of green lights, but in reality the lights are all flashing red.”

~ WOW ~