Window 1606 – Take a break

hammockWhen we say yes to everyone else’s wishes and desires, we give all of our energy away, leaving us drained and irritable… and even the energy given away becomes weakened, because it was not given from a balanced heart.

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Window 1379 – Set your boundaries


When we do things out of guilt to please others… the heart is not committed to the situation, to which resentment emerges.

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Window 1338 – Heartfelt truth



Pleasing others to keep the peace, only creates chaos and inner turmoil… Don’t feel guilty for doing what your heart longs for.

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Window 820 – Learn your limits


When we acknowledge our internal limits, instead of pushing them past the level of what we can endure;  we will no longer absorb the draining energy, for it begins to flow through us, instead of weighing us down.

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