Window 1383 -The view behind our view


One’s perception of us, does not mean it is true… it is just how they see us through the eyes of their own environment.

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Window 859 – Finding your true self


We will only discover the depth of who are, when we shatter the mirrors of who we think we should be.

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Window 690 – Our thoughts are not always a view of truth


Everyone’s perception of a memory is different; but if we can unite  with one another and be open to a view outside of  our own, not only will the truth be illuminated, but growth within all, will expand beyond self-willed thinking.

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Window 319 – Truth behind Gossip


“When we are watched and talked about by others, we are merely filling a void for those who cannot face their own life or for those who have nothing else to view.”

People will talk about you and create their own image of what your life is about, but unless the depth of your life is shared by you, the image of what others see will always be illusion of reality.

So when you hear the echo of false chatter of a life you are not living, smile inwardly and know, that your life matters to others or you would never be spoken of.

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Window 298 – Distortion of light


“Those who walk in anger and hate while they are surrounded by love and kindness are unable to see that darkness is walking beside them distorting the truth of light,therefore darkness is all that can be seen.”

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