Window 79- You are not lost you are just conditioned








You do not need to find yourself… you just need to let go of everything that you “think” you know and figure out what you know for sure and everything else will come to you, through you.

We are all molded from childhood and we take on the beliefs and perceptions of others and make them our own. It is not until what we think is ruffled that we can begin awaken to what is real.

Once that process begins we must not look back with blame; we must only look at right now to what we know and our view will become clear in every part of our life… and that is when you see yourself as a part of a bigger picture and the self becomes found.

~ WOW ~


Window 71 – You create your internal tsunami

There is nothing outside yourself that causes your internal tsunami… It is your own internal thoughts and memories of past pain that arise when you witness another person’s behavior or actions; but you have total control of your tsunami surfacing outward.

The moment that you feel a shift in your emotions is when you must stop and look internally as to why your emotions are shifting… your initial thoughts may be that it must be the person you are around or interacting with or what someone else did or said but… that is looking outside yourself, and placing blame will only add to your internal dialog instead of stopping the chatter.

You have full control of your reactions and emotions; no one can cause you to shift… The shift usually takes place due to small nagging internal judgments that have built up and have gone  unaddressed;  then there is some action that takes place that ignites the explosion and we place blame on the” action” instead acknowledging that we were shifting internally long before the explosion took place.

We all have to interact with people or situations that we don’t care for or  that drive us nuts, that is just a part of life but… when you become aware of the internal shift and can really look at why it is surfacing; the “why” is what becomes the antidote for reversing your emotional tidal wave and seeing your internal truth.  

It is through knowing the truth of your emotional shift that you can then change your thoughts and actions instead of your thoughts and actions changing you and leaving scars of pain on yourself and  others that will trigger an internal tsunami.

~ WOW ~

window 70 – Change is the path to our destination

If you can roll with “changes” while being totally encompassed in the moment you will see the hidden doors to guide you that are not visible when your moment is encompassed within the thoughts of the mind.

Changes are taking place within every breathing second but when we are drowning in our thoughts of worry and fear we cannot see a change and we actually miss the doors we are meant to walk through  that are  right in front of us.  If we are unable to see or feel the small changes that are leading us to the full view of the change that we are awaiting we will not only miss the outcome of our change but we will fall deeper into the drowning pool of the thoughts and fears.

When we are able to  see that we  are” not” in control of the direction of our journey is when we can  consciously enjoy the ride of the present moment; which not only builds our faith and connection to our source, but also give us a deeper look into the fine details and strategic maneuvers of orchestration by the divine that  shows us that we are all an intricate piece of a bigger picture and plan that connects us all to one another.

Letting go is not falling… it is letting your heart guide you instead of your mind, so let go and fly with the navigation of divine and you will always land exactly where you need to be for yourself and for others who are in need.

~ WOW ~

Window 68 – Embracing the unknown

What we fight gains strength; which distracts us from shinning our light and places our focus on illuminating darkness.

Our fear of the unknown is what causes us to fight with what we know and for what we don’t want to lose out of fear for our dreaded “what if “of happening but…all of our fighting and freaking out will not change what will be; it just blocks our light from shining on the journey, before the outcome is revealed.

If we can consciously strive to remain in the present moment as we face the unknown, we will see that the unknown becomes the light with every darkened step, and we become the journey, instead of taking a journey.

~ WOW ~

Window 63 – Answered Prayers








 Our prayers are answered but our vision of how we think the outcome of the prayer will be can block us from seeing that they got answered.

If we each look back on past prayers we can see that many of our prayers were indeed answered but we just thought the “feeling” or “outcome “of the answer would be different from the reality of the answer, so we view the prayer as unanswered. We forget that the universe is in control and that some of our prayers will come with lessons in order to awaken us to a higher level of self that could not awaken by just being answered.

Take a reality check of what you prayed for and you will see that most of your prayers were answered and many of them exceeded the vision of your expected outcome. The review of your blessings should build your faith and knowing that you are heard and loved by an unseen force that is walking with you on this life journey.

 The power of prayer is unstoppable and gains strength when prayers are in made with loving intentions for the well-being of another person and combined with other people. If we all pray for each other we all are being prayed for and our connection to one another creates an invisible chain of love that answers the prayer and wishes of divine.

~ WOW ~

Window 58 – Our internal truth –

The truth of your unconscious thoughts, intentions and actions will show you the aspects of yourself that must be acknowledged and changed in order to awaken to a higher consciousness of self.

Our silent thoughts and feelings show us the truth behind our words and actions that we must face and dissect in order to see the cause of why we keep our true feelings silent.

There are many levels of  consciousness and in order to keep awakening we must continually peel away the layers of negativity that our ego has held onto from our past experiences.  It is the toxic layers of negativity and denial that block us from seeing our true intentions behind our actions.

When we are open and ready to face our internal truth, our truth will show us what is needed to be healed.

~ WOW ~

Window 56 – Our questions are the answers

The questions that you ask others about yourself and your actions are actually the answers that you are formulating into a question hoping to hear something different so you don’t have to face the truth of who you are or what you should  or should not be doing.

We all know the truth of who we are and what we are doing but when we cannot face our truth or fear the change of doing what we know we should; we seek the opinion of others to either gain acceptance for our choices or  to seek the path of what another person is walking so if it does not work out we are not to blame.

We hold all of the answers within for our life walk so the next time you find yourself asking questions out of fear of  facing the truth or facing making a known needed change… just listen to your questions and you will hear the answers out loud as the same answers you already heard within.

~ WOW ~