Window 1618 – Think, before you think


Our thoughts are seeds that drop and will begin to take root… the more we focus on them the more they grow…so we must be conscious of what we want to bloom.

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Window 1480 – We hold the power of what we think and say


The only way to change our negative thoughts, is to immediately say the opposite of what the negative voices are saying… and continue to say them, until they become normal.

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Window 1062 – Choose your internal words

8bd3de88b3ff79f80d44f1c7f5c43b32Every negative thought we speak toward our self takes root… so the only way to stop it from growing into fruition, is to override our  internal voices into what we desire to be… and the best way we can do that, is by being our own cheerleader, even .

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Window 1008 – Mindful choices

thR8I02Z3S Every time we  think negative about our self, we absorb that negativity and it becomes attached to us…  but when we make a conscious choice to rebuke that type thinking… we keep our spirit in the state of positivity that it is meant to be in.

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Window 973 -What is meant for you will come

 imagesJM45X3PDWhen we can face what is, instead of struggling with what isn’t…we are able to see the blessings of right now, instead of focusing on what we don’t have.

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Window 888 – A conscious view


The blemishes that we see in our self, will be the first thing we will look for in others… because it is all we are focused on.

In order to change that behavior we need to  consciously seek out our own greatness and look for those same qualities in others… to which all blemishes become beauty.

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Window 749 – The energy of our words


We must be conscious of the words that depart from our lips; for everything that leave’s with our energy, will return to us in the same form, that it left in.

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Window 743 – Brush it off


It takes more energy to hold resentment, than it does to turn the other cheek…every single one of us has wronged another person in some way, so don’t take it personal and just let it go!

Forgiveness is the only way to walk in peace.

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Window 581 – It can all change with the right thinking

10532779_311418672371144_6521498185951611162_nWhen we feel stuck, we must return to the same type of thinking that gave us the freedom, to take steps in our past.

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