Window 431 – stillness = peace


To become awake in the present moment; all we must do is absorb the details of the moment we are in and the stillness will pull us away from the  power of useless thoughts.

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Window 280 -present listening


“When we read between the lines of spoken words, we are actually reading our own story of the past while someone else is speaking and we miss the truth of the words spoken.”

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Window 223 – Thinking creates unjust thoughts


“We must listen without thought when someone is speaking, so our own thoughts do not interrupt the reality of a conversation.”

When we think in between the words that are being spoken, we are not hearing the truth of what being said, because we are too busy thinking of a reply to the triggers of words, that remind us of our past pain.

The past can only come into our present moment when we allow it to, so if old feelings start to arise within a present conversation, the past is not repeating, it is just our mind replaying old verbiage to create unjust conflict to pull us away from the present moment.

Listening with heart keeps the mind from pulling us into the past, to which love is seen in all that is said without ego.

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Window 158 – Don’t let the past define your self-worth


“The people that know where we came from, and all of our past blunders, will have the hardest time accepting us in awakened state of consciousness, because they are still walking the streets of their past.”

No one has a pristine past, and we are all given the same opportunity to purify our spirit and awaken to a higher consciousness of change. But when our changes rise above a level that the people of our past have not reached, they will hold us hostage in our past, by keeping our blunders alive with judgment, in the present.

Just as Jesus could not teach in his home town, we may also have to walk away from family and friends, so we can live in the level of worth, that we worked so hard to reach.

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Window 153 – Nourish your joy


“Life is a special occasion today; so nourish the joy that has already arrived, and stop waiting for something in the future to celebrate.”

Stop storing your things for special occasions and setting time aside on a calendar to celebrate your hopes of future joy, because your life is happening right now and there is no guarantee that it will continue into tomorrow.

There are hidden blessing within every moment; and if you seek to notice those, you will find joy through the simplicity of the moment, and celebrate everything.

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Window 150 – The divine path can only be walked forward


“When the path of our divine purpose becomes known, we must keep walking forward to fulfill our purpose, for if we look back to see what or who we have left behind, Great spirit will replace us with someone else to fulfill the divine plan.”

When a spiritual awakening takes place everything that we thought we once were is void, and what we awaken to know, changes what we see.  If we look back and long for people or things in our past; we drain energy from our present moment, which shifts our part in the divine plan, and our awakening becomes a part of our past.

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