Window 1727 – The truth will always find you

leafWe can distract ourselves with things, continuously, to try and avoid facing  the truth of our internal disarray… but that only delays the inevitable of reality, coming to find us.

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Window 1027 – You cannot run from your self


There is no place on earth we can run away to from our problems… the only way to rid our self from our internal suffering is to face it head on.

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Window 914 – The root of all chaos


The problem is never the true root of the problem, for there would be no problems if we could just be alert to see what is bothering us and face it…instead of projecting blame upon another person or situation.

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Window 533 – Storms of grace

10533051_794431060607597_4221112762466801697_nDon’t pray for your situation to change… Pray for strength to endure them and to be able to do it joyfully, which in turn means you handled it with grace.

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