Window 1329-Pause


When anger emerges, it is better to sit still with it, until the our heart can be heard… or our spoken words will haunt us.

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Window 1324 -Have grace in turmoil


No matter what is going on within our life, it is our reaction to our circumstances that will determine our outcome… because Great Spirit is watching and is in total control.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected  3TRN-S0US-YFUD-UASH


Window 835 – Freedom of heart


~If we cannot be free to be who we are, we must to fly away to protect our spirit.~

If we have to stifle the words we want to speak, to accommodate another persons lack of control in a response… we will be screaming   internally with no outlet of release…  which places stress on our internal organs and breaks our spirit.

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Window 694 – Love is the way


Let the reaction of love be your response and you will witness a change within the person you are responding to… and feel a deeper change, within you.

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Window 506 – When we speak from our ego

photo(325)When our reaction is like a strike of a snake bite, our ego has been deflated.
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Window 427 – Replay of past pain


The internal triggers  of negative behavior that we are desperately trying to change, will surface repeatedly, until we change our reaction.

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Window 416 – Let the Universe reply

photo(231)When we retaliate against those who have wronged us the energy of negativity increases, but when we allow the universe to school our attacker, a supernatural teaching takes place.

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Window 363 – React from love


Taking the path of love will always keep us at peace within.

Reacting from love may not give us love in return, but the love we release will penetrate the heart and mind of the recipient.

which will bloom with understanding at a later time, when their spirit  is ready to awaken.

~WOW ~