Window 1670 – Uncontrolled outburst’s

pierWhen the same reaction continues to arise from our same actions, and with different people… it is time to search within and see what we need to heal within, in order  stop inflicting the same painful outcome, to others and ourself.  

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Window 1561 – Consequences of our actions

balconyHow one expresses them self to us is a part of their own life journey and how one reacts to another’s expression, is the journey of their own.

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Window 1551 – The truth behind our feelings

balloonsOur irritability stems from something within us that we are holding on to; for the real cause, is not that which is in front of us.

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Window 1491 – Look through eyes of grace

creek trees

No matter how over the top another persons emotional reaction is, they are real feelings, that cannot be brushed aside by our own view of how a reaction should be… Compassion needs to be our reaction, no matter what.

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Window 1153 – Shake off the reaction of others


To overlook sharp daggers being thrown by either voice or dark stares, one must hold onto the knowing of God’s word, that we are not any less of a person, due to what another person thinks of us.

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Window 717 – How we speak, speaks volumes


Our reaction is what activates every response and outcome; therefore if we pause before we speak, our words will be spoken from our heart in truth, instead of through our ego in defense.

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Window 529 – Facing the truth

10313714_10204039279319875_1235530030980023556_n Photo by, Sandy Mulford

When we can face the truth behind our actions, is when we can begin to make changes to our reactions… and the first step is forgiving our self.

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Window 478 – Replay your steps

photo(300)Our actions and reactions to others are the gateway for our inner growth; because they show what we need to work on or what we have worked hard to let go of.
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