Window 1811- A clearer view

We can never see the veils that are blocking us,from seeing the light of who we truly are…until they are seen through a reflection of our past.


Window 1786 – Healing the dark spaces of our heart

shakaUntil everyone comes to realize that all of us are the same, all of us are wounded in different ways, and all of us are struggling with something… we will forever remain divided.

But when we can see ourselves in others, and offer help and comfort, instead of judgment… we can make deep connections that will unite, instead of divide.

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Window 1732 – Tainting the spirit of another

zebraEvery time we engage in gossip, we lose pieces of our integrity.

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Window 1381 -A walk of change


In order to truly evolve, we must continue to step out of our comfort zone…and with each step of discomfort, a change takes place, that can be seen when we reflect back on who we were, upon our first step.

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Window 1075 – The view of now

imagesC18JAWI5If we don’t look back on how far we have come, we will never know the greatness of what we have right now.

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