Window 1825- A peaceful path

When we can let it go, without resentment, we have truly let go.


Window 1739 – Give with no regrets

img_3509-1True kindness, does not resent giving of one’s self, only kindness that is forced, or that is done for another purpose does.

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Window 1285 – Let the past remain in the past




. Bringing up ones past, erases all the growth that has taken place up into the present…  and by constantly reminding another of their actions of the past; only shows our judgment toward them, along with our lack of forgiveness and resentment for how we were affected by their actions.

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Window 295 – Respond from your heart


If we feel we must explain our reason for saying no we are more worried about what others will think, instead of our own well-being.

When our reply is yes most  people do not ask why or take offense, but when our reply is a simple no, it is questioned, dissected and taken personal.

If we say yes out of guilt or for our want to please others, we will resent our reply and take our anger toward self, out on others for not speaking our truth and what we say yes to will be laced with negative energy.

We do not have to explain why something does not work for us, all we have to do is just speak from our heart and sometimes our heart says no, and that is perfectly okay.

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