Window 1579 – True Prayers are love, not hate


Praying for bad things to happen to others, is not a prayer, it is a conversation with evil.

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Window 1215 – Don’t keep score

imagesDXY7ATVHWhen we choose revenge, we lower our self to the same level as the person who hurt us.

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Window 993 -Reaction

garygoh_beautiful_view-normalWe must pause and look within, before we react; to ensure that our response is not coming from a dark place of revenge, anger or greed. For it is not our place to punish others for their wrongs… we must just worry about our own actions and aim to act from grace.

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Window 634 – An eye for an eye just leaves you blind


Revenge will not fulfill the hole of emptiness that has formed within us from the pain and suffering we have endured, it will only deepen the hole.

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