Window 1650 – Make sure you know what wolf you are feeding

rainbowThe Ego will always lead us down the road of self fulfilling choices, that will inevitably end, in the illumination of it’s ruse.

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Window 1454 – A view from the heart


Compassion is the tool that connects us to the hearts of others… if that tool is not in one’s toolbox,  there is no connection to their own heart… for the mind has taken full control.

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Window 1373 – Dark blessings


When one is given everything, the presence of a higher power is never a thought…because having  everything, creates an illusion of power.

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Window 289 – Self pity


“When we feel sorry for our self, our self is all that we can see and those who are in need above our own dilemma, will remain unattended to.”

The best way to get through our own pain is to help another who is suffering more than we and  our pain will  diminish, because our heart is in thought for another.

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