Window 1736 -Hurtful words are untrue


You are not the hurtful words that anyone labels you… You are perfect in God’s eyes… now all you need to do, is own that truth.

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Window 1510 – Look inward


How we feel about our self, will be expressed toward other people…so when something negative is in thought or about to leave our mouth, we have to ponder what it is about us, that needs to be repaired.

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Window 1430 – Love is the solution


If we could all see ourselves with the eyes of Great Spirit, there would be no damaging internal thoughts,  to distract us from love.

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Window 1343 – You are enough


Once we realize that there is no one  that we have to compare ourselves to or compete with, the struggle ends and peace emerges.

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Window 592 – Look beyond what you can see

10487490_789411287776241_3579483483495505762_nIf we can only see our flaws, our greatness will never be discovered.

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Window 584 – True beauty, is within the physical shell

10255280_798302313553805_8402375757550297776_nWhen we can let go of the flaws we see within our self-image … we allow our inner spirit  to shine through us, to which the spirit of who we are is all that is seen.

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Window 474 – Don’t try to fit in

photo(296)Those who are quick to point out the differences in others in a negative manner, are the people who wish they had the courage to step outside the box of what society calls normal and walk their own walk.
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Window 157 – Let love be the appearance we see in the mirror


“If there were no mirrors the beauty of one’s heart would be the prime focus above anyone’s physical appearance.”

Our world has become fixated on the physical appearance of people, which has set a standard for what the ideal image should entail, to which both women and men are debilitating their spirit, and self-worth, to conform to this judgmental image which is completely useless in every other aspect of life, other than visual pleasure.

The color of our skin, our weight, or any unique physical features are “not” the heart of a person… our love, kindness, compassion and service to others should be our fixation, because those qualities remove all other negative judgments from forming, and help everyone to feel the worth that we already are, which allows the mirror becomes just an object, instead of a sword.

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