Window 1854 – A mind controlled by evil

When ones sense of self is elevated, an entitled spirit emerges, a spirit that is not in aligned with Jesus, yet one will believe, he is the reason they are entitled.


Window 1852- Becoming selfless

When Gods will, is done willingly, we are no longer aligned, with the darkness of the mind.


Window 1360 – Look with your heart


The more self-absorbed our world becomes, the less compassion and kindness is interchanged.

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Window 1120 -The depth of our view

imagesB75KDMXOWhen our focus is solely on what others will think of us, we have blurred vision … for our focus should be on love, kindness, forgiveness and peace… for without them, our focus is a selfish material view.

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Window 829 – Look beyond your self


When all we can see is our self, we become disconnected and insensitive to the people around us… and we lose our connection to  our inner spirit and the spirit that created us.

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Window 553 – It’s not all about you

10457882_507214522757657_6970247887784218448_nWhen we are consumed with our own self-image, the depth of those suffering around us remains unseen, because of our shallow view.

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Window 313 – The branch of love


When love and kindness are pushed aside to embrace the ego, the heart of one’s soul is not being heard.

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