Window 1781 – Stay on high alert to your thoughts

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When our thoughts suddenly shift to the focus of one’s faults, instead of what we love about them… it is darkness trying to pull us away from love… not love, diminishing. 

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Window 1673 – Love must rise


If we all consciously chose to act and respond with love; instead of anger, frustration and hate…love would gain strength around the world… and hate and evil would become more and more rare.

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Window 1467 – Don’t let anyone steal your joy


If we allow another person’s negativity shift our inner peace, we have more work to do on being peaceful.

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Window 1022 – Love is the most important focus

images2Z03O4CPThere is no score to keep with anyone… even if they have wronged you… If you want to keep track of something, focus on what you love and seek to find love in everything that causes you to shift from love, in thought.

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Window 904 – Steps to peace


Inner peace can only be obtained through silencing the mind… which can only be done when we awaken to the fact that we are not in control… and accept that fact.

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Window 802 – The radar of energy


When we feel a draining shift within our own energy, we have either absorbed the thoughts, feelings and energy of an other person or something negative has entered our energy field.

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Window 311 – The truth behind tension


When tension is in the air darkness is in the midst trying to break the connection of love, so when tension arises we must quickly diffuse it with more love before darkness is inhaled.

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Window 150 – The divine path can only be walked forward


“When the path of our divine purpose becomes known, we must keep walking forward to fulfill our purpose, for if we look back to see what or who we have left behind, Great spirit will replace us with someone else to fulfill the divine plan.”

When a spiritual awakening takes place everything that we thought we once were is void, and what we awaken to know, changes what we see.  If we look back and long for people or things in our past; we drain energy from our present moment, which shifts our part in the divine plan, and our awakening becomes a part of our past.

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Window 94 – Love is not Negative


” When our inner spirit is out of alignment our physical world will become turbulent.”

When we are balanced spiritually we are in tune with our creator which raises our consciousness to walk in unity and love but… if our energy shifts to a state of worry, fear or anger toward our life situations, that shift to our energy field will distracted us and pull us away from our source of light.

If we are ignore the negative shift to our energy and do not quickly re-align back into a state of unity and love; our imbalance will create an energy storm that will shake numerous aspects of our life until we re-connect with our source of light.

If you are not in a state of love and kindness, you have shifted.

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