Window 1761 – The peace that comes from acceptance

caveThe source of our happiness does not come from anything outside of our self.  It is determined by how present we are, to see the blessings in front of us.

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Window 1363 – Let go of the past


When the things we once treasured, disappear…all we can do is start over… and most likely our new treasures will become out greatest joy.

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Window 1006 – Dig for peace within

th6C88IZS1When we have arrived to a place of true contentment within, the search for love and the need for constant entertainment to feel fulfilled becomes void.

For we awaken to know, that true love will find us and entertainment is found in everything.

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Window 982 -Seek love and find truth

imagesT6Y90ANEThe simplicity  of life is connected with love and nature… but our ego will distort the truth, by telling us that simplicity arrives, once wealth and power are achieved.

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Window 705 – Beneath the surface everything exists


Contentment comes when we are stripped from everything that we “think” is the way to obtain happiness… and then finding  that within the void of nothing, everything we need to make us happy, exists within us.

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