Window 1726 – Shift your thoughts, change your life

color  Our own destructive words and thoughts, toward our self, creates a toxicity within us, that destroys our cells of love… to which darkness can then plague us with depression, illness, anxiety, stress and fear.

We can reverse all the negativity, by just changing our thoughts and words, by learning to love our self and accept our self.  It’s that simple.  Love can truly heal us.

~ WOW~

Window 1593 – The power of kindness

mountainsWhen an unexpected person reaches out and touches your heart, the power of that kindness, awakens deep love… be that person and share your heart, to help lift up others.

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Window 1459 – Releasing our shame


Our secrets hold us hostage, and we are the only one who can set our selves free… by voicing our truth,  by sharing  allowed with others or in silent, just with Great spirit.

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Window 1445 – The heart of the soul


There is good in everyone… some just have been beaten down so much in life that they keep the good hidden, as a protection… So look past the wall and the heart will be seen.

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Window 1058 – You are here for a reason

imagesG3EHMLL6Everyday that you wake up, you are fulfilling a Divine purpose… so stop searching for your purpose and just live it day by day.

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Window 750 – Growing pains


 When floods of emotions arise, from the  memories of our past behavior toward another person, we are feeling the impact of what we caused… therefore true growth has bloomed.

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Window 666 – Connecting to one’s pain


When our  view of another persons pain is just  a glance with a  foggy view, judgment will detour us from compassion and empathy.

But if we can see ourselves within the pain of another, our heart will connect and be of great comfort.

~ WOW ~

Window 448 – Walk what you preach

photo(268)If you’re going to quote the Bible and scream what Jesus says; you better be trying really hard to emulate what you are preaching behind closed doors or your words mean nothing… and P.S. your actions are seen by all of the Divine.

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