Window 835 – Freedom of heart


~If we cannot be free to be who we are, we must to fly away to protect our spirit.~

If we have to stifle the words we want to speak, to accommodate another persons lack of control in a response… we will be screaming   internally with no outlet of release…  which places stress on our internal organs and breaks our spirit.

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Window 330 – The truth behind our words


When we talk “at” one another it is our anger or frustration that is speaking and therefore nothing will be heard.

If we are speaking from our pain, the only way we will be understood is if someone is listening with their heart to hear the truth beneath the surface of our words.

 Whether we listen or speak, the only way the truth can be addressed, is to remain in the gear of our heart, so our words or reaction is of loving intent.

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Window 329 – Speak from your heart


“When our heart has something to say, we must say it, for what is left unsaid will speak in our thoughts and create a chatter, that will distort what our heart needed to voice.”

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