Window 282 – The voice of our spirit


When ones spirit is unknown to the mind, the mind is in control with only moments of supernatural clarity of the spirit.

The mind wants us to believe that we are nothing but a physical being because it knows that if we connect to the voice of our spirit we will no longer spin in mindful thinking.

Our internal senses is our spirit speaking; so we must  listen even when it goes against what our mind would want to do, because there is a Divine plan for each of us and by connecting to our spirit we make the plan flow, instead of  prolonging the outcome of what is destined to be.

~ WOW ~

Window 152 – Nothing can be hidden from divine law


“The sacred laws of the spirit world, are above all laws in the  physical world; nothing  slips by the eyes of the universe, no matter how well you may have hidden your darkness from the law in the physical world,  spirit  will come with a vengeance to right the wrongs of your behavior, and illuminate the truth.”

~ WOW ~