Window 718 – Spiritual tests


God does not test us… it is darkness that tests our love,faith and loyalty to God.

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Window 541 -The view of the past

photo(331)We cannot change our actions of the past…but we can dim the view, by our actions in the present.

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Window 478 – Replay your steps

photo(300)Our actions and reactions to others are the gateway for our inner growth; because they show what we need to work on or what we have worked hard to let go of.
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Window 389 – The depth of a lesson learned


“If our seeds of wisdom are only planted on the surface of our thoughts, they will not take root to become wisdom that is owned within our heart.”

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Window 207 – Resistance leads to spinning thoughts


“That of which we have no control, will take control of our thoughts leaving us “out” of control, when we resist the unplanned changes that occur.”

What we resist will continue to arrive until we  learn from what is trying to be taught. So we must walk in heart and seek the depth of  what is in front of us, so resistance is void and a teaching is gained. 

 When we can surrender to what is, no matter how uncomfortable,  it is then that we are able to remain in control of self, to which our controlling thoughts become a weak whisper.

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Window 150 – The divine path can only be walked forward


“When the path of our divine purpose becomes known, we must keep walking forward to fulfill our purpose, for if we look back to see what or who we have left behind, Great spirit will replace us with someone else to fulfill the divine plan.”

When a spiritual awakening takes place everything that we thought we once were is void, and what we awaken to know, changes what we see.  If we look back and long for people or things in our past; we drain energy from our present moment, which shifts our part in the divine plan, and our awakening becomes a part of our past.

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