Window 1697 – Don’t share your journey with deaf ears

ledgeYou don’t have to explain your life to anyone… for those with inquiring minds… let them wonder…  For it is an honor to share one’s journey with another, not a requirement.

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Window 1520 – Walking the walk

pinkIt is easy to be  spiritual and come from a place of light and love, within the confines of our own home… but the true test is being out in the world with everyone’s different personalities and issues.

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Window 1405 – Beyond our view


When we reach a blocked wall, the best thing we can do is step back and wait until God decides to break it down… for  Divine timing has a higher purpose that we cannot see.

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Window 1278 – Love has no chains


  Love does not control; for if one is caged, they will always fly away when the door is open… for true love has no doors.

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Window 930 – Anything is possible


Don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are to big… no one on earth is in control of your destiny…For only our creator has the final say.

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Window 893 – Signs are everywhere

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Miracles appear daily in our lives; so we must stop waiting for a big extravagant sign, in order to believe that Great Spirit is really with you… instead take a deep look at your life thus far and it will all be come clear.

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Window 889 – accept what comes your way


We must embrace the challenges that come to us and then push through them without resistance… for the challenge is our lesson for growth.

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Window 772 – Reasons beyond what you can see


To that which we think is just a normal part of life, holds a hidden connection to either the light or darkness… for nothing is just a physical experience.

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