Window 388 – Re-write your story


“If we allow the story of our pain to block our connection to love, love will never be a part of our life story.”

~ WOW ~

Window 195 – our hardships in life are teachers, not prisons


“When we cannot see anything past our own story, then we have succumb to it, and it will be all that others come to know and share about us.”

Our struggles and hardships in life do not define us; unless we allow the struggles to be all that we see.  We must surrender to whatever we are enduring, for it is just our life teacher, and  seek the view of our blessings to pull us through the pain, and prevent us from being the blockage in our own life.

Our life is filled with more than what breaks us down, so we must focus on the things that lift us up, because then we are not a story, we are living.

~ WOW ~