Window 1842-Hidden blessings

Photo, by Todd Raybuck

Our most difficult struggles, can open the doors to wisdom and deep understanding, that could never be obtained, by a life walking around cake… when we are able see past our pain.


Window 1405 – Beyond our view


When we reach a blocked wall, the best thing we can do is step back and wait until God decides to break it down… for  Divine timing has a higher purpose that we cannot see.

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Window 1075 – The view of now

imagesC18JAWI5If we don’t look back on how far we have come, we will never know the greatness of what we have right now.

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Window 1000 – Don’t be trapped by past emotions

images1VWA67LNOur fears from past pain will always arise, when we are faced with echo’s of similar pain… but we must remember that our old feelings, are not the present moment.

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Window 988 – Focus on your intention


When we focus on remaining peaceful on the inside, whatever is happening on the outside will not change us… For our intention is always peace.

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Window 942 – Lashing out, out of fear


When our circumstances disturb our inner peace, we are fighting to control that which we do not hold the power of.

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