Window 1869- Don’t step back in the past.

Isaiah 43:18- Remember not the former things,nor consider the things of old.

When we truly begin to walk with Jesus, we change… and with that change, turbulence will ensue between our earthly life and our spirit, to which the spirit becomes our priority, leaving our earthly habits and connections to people of our past, in our past.

Darkness will use our past, with thoughts of guilt, sadness and longing, with persuasion that we are missing out or hurting others by moving forward… when in reality, forward is what keeps us closer to God, which is the relationship that the devil wants to destroy.


Window 1785 – Slow down


rocksIf we allow life to distract us from the spirit of our purpose as a human, we will be stressed, busy and unable to see the signs, blessings and miracles that are taking place around us.

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Window 930 – Anything is possible


Don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are to big… no one on earth is in control of your destiny…For only our creator has the final say.

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Window 822 – Everything is a sign


The signs are given…but we must be present to see them and have the faith to follow the guidance that is attached to them, no matter how bizarre or trivial they may appear to be.

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Window 800 – Hidden beauty


The beauty that  cannot  be seen with the naked eye lives within the heart, which will emerge for the eyes to see, through ones actions, when connected to it.

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Window 797 – Maneuvering through energy


The anxiety that arises within those who are very sensitive to energy; stems from  having to walk in this physical journey, while having the ears of spirit, without the freedom of flight.

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Window 777 – Don’t doubt what you believe in your heart


If it has been shown  in a vision or heard  in a whisper, it will come to fruition.  But every time we start to second guess its arrival, our slip of faith creates a roadblock of delay.

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Window 772 – Reasons beyond what you can see


To that which we think is just a normal part of life, holds a hidden connection to either the light or darkness… for nothing is just a physical experience.

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Window 724 – Trust your senses


The first inkling of uneasiness that comes from the energy of another person, is actually a whisper of guidance, warning us to proceed with caution and stay alert…for the uneasiness we are feeling is a warranted  and not just something created within our mind.

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