Window 1075 – The view of now

imagesC18JAWI5If we don’t look back on how far we have come, we will never know the greatness of what we have right now.

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Window 766 – Love leaves a mark


Every drop of love we give away to another, permanently etches the calluses of pain that are trapped within their heart.

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Window 734 – Spreading pain


The meanest people are the one’s suffering the most; that is why they lash out at others, so they don’t have to suffer alone in their pain.

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Window 703 – Dark whispers

1507184_856654267718609_2070981902601788138_n Darkness is always the whisper that tries to pull us back into thoughts and people of our past, to prevent us from evolving fully  into the present.

The repeat of old rhetoric is the only tool that darkness has to use, to try to lure us away from the calling of our spirit.

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