Window 1764 – Shutting down the ego

hutPraise of self,  will only lead to self destruction…but one with true humility and good works of the heart,  gives praise, without words or intent to prove anything.

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Window 1339 -Listen instead of planning a reply


If we can listen deeply without taking anything personal, our response will be heart felt, instead of that of an offended Ego.

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Window 1202 – Having a new outlook

images8IJUVABFAn awakening moment  does not mean that you are  instantly a changed person… it means you are now awake to work on changing into what you were awakened to.

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Window 998 – Look at the energy you give off

imagesK2IULGV6We can either enhance the beauty around us or destroy it with our energy, for our energy either blooms and grows or turns to weeds.

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Window 938 – The heart of who we are


Our heart shines through in everything we do, if we follow it.

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