Window 922 – We are never dropped


We are never forgotten by God, there are just times in life when we are pushed to the edge, to help strengthen our faith.

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Window 916 – our lessons are our greatest virtues


Our deepest regrets can become our greatest gifts…because they teach us to bloom brightly from what we have learned.

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Window 864 – Forgive, forgive and forgive again and again


If we cannot forgive our self, the dread of whatever we did will fester and we will never have peace of mind.

Our mistakes are our teachers and though we will never be perfect,  we can perfect our mind, from making us feel chaotic inside… and forgiveness is the starting point.

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Window 846 – untraveled territory


Every sharp turn that spins us down a road unknown,  lands us exactly where we are meant to be, to learn our greatest lessons. 

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Window 756 – Conscious choices


The colors of our past have created the canvas of our present moment; and what we paint today will be the colors of our future…So we must be conscious in our choice of color, to ensure that we are  creating inner peace.

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Window 518 – Endless lessons

photo(320)The lessons will always keep coming… nothing is ever mastered… there is always more to learn… so never beat yourself up when you feel like you have fallen, just get back up.
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Window 469 – Don’t point a finger

photo(291)It is easier to view the faults of another, because it distracts us from having to view our own and work on our self.
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