Window 1544 – Internal boxing

flowerWhen we become frustrated, we lash out unintentionally; but those on the receiving end have no clue of our internal frustration… they only feel hurt by our angry actions.

So we must be conscious when we are struggling not to create a struggle for someone else.

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Window 1481 – Don’t take anything or anyone for granted

orange boasts

When  the simple details of our daily life go unnoticed,  they will become the reflection of our greatest pleasures, when they are no longer a part of our daily details.

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Window 1447 – Focus on who you are today


If we allow what happened in our past relationships define us,  we will forever be connected to the past, instead of the growth that became us.

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Window 1337 -Unhappiness needs company to feel better


Those  who continually bring up one’s past, are those struggling the most, with the  present moment.

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Window 1335 – Don’t remove the stitches


The only way our wounds can reopen, is when we allow what is happening right now, to transport us back to the moment our wound was inflicted.

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