Window 1614 – Love is what we are meant to do

privateTo support someone who has created a different path, amidst everyone else standing in judgement , is the path of light… for judgement is not our purpose or place… but love is.

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Window 1280 – The only connection for a way out

478170602_685ad0f9b6The sign of the cross will appear  randomly, when you are in need of comfort and feeling alone…to let you know, you are never alone… and to seek a needed connection.

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Window 1080 -The real way to connect

imagesIRALW8TGJesus is not  associated with any church or religion…   He is a part of us and we can connect with him by just calling his name.

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Window 1027 – You cannot run from your self


There is no place on earth we can run away to from our problems… the only way to rid our self from our internal suffering is to face it head on.

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Window 1009 – The view of the heart


Look at things through eyes of love, no matter how devastating the view may be… and it will save you from so much turmoil and misunderstanding.

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Window 1003 – Never follow your ego

th6R5MUAO1Doing what is loving and right is always the right way, no matter what we think someone else deserves or does not deserves… it is always right for us.

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