Window 1017 – The true voice of reason

images3J04IRUWWe must remain alert to all the voices in our mind so we can remember the variation of tones that try to sound like the voice of our heart.

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Window 757 – The fight to be heard and understood


Screaming to be heard deafens the ears of a listener and will only penetrate the mind; but heart spoken words in the tone of a whisper, can shatter an eardrum, and awaken ones heart to hear more clearly.

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Window 722 – The tone of our delivery


Gentle words of spoken truth are absorbed easier, than the truth spoken in anger.

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Window 557 – Speak from love to be heard

10613127_808225855896640_4725114310334414930_nThe tone to which one speaks can override the meaning of the words being spoken… especially when amplified tones carry scars of past pain forĀ  the listener.

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