Window 1682 – Cleaning the slat and creating growth

yellowEvery time a situation repeats it’s self, there is a reason…there is something we need to  learn or redo, in order to make things right within our spirit, so we can move forward, gain wisdom and insight, so we can transform into who God intends us to be.

~ WOW ~

Window 723 – Clearing the chaos


In order to transform our internal chaos into peace; we must first find the love for our self, which will awaken us to  stop placing ourselves within situations that are unloving for our spirit .

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Window 673 – Jesus is the real deal


Jesus will come to each and every one of us in a unique form; that will create a connection through our own interpretation of what a spiritual visit is… so we will know he is real and that he is the way… But darkness will try to twist our magical view and inner knowing, into a hallucination.

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