Window 1491 – Look through eyes of grace

creek trees

No matter how over the top another persons emotional reaction is, they are real feelings, that cannot be brushed aside by our own view of how a reaction should be… Compassion needs to be our reaction, no matter what.

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Window 1305 – Look beyond what you see


When you just cannot wrap your mind around someones behavior…judgement is not the reply to give… love and compassion is.

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Window 1102 – Don’t become tainted by what you see

imagesQP0ZFBIVEvery time we judge, we are claiming to be better than what we are seeing, when in reality we are worse than what we see.

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Window 891 – We must overlook each other


The laws of the universe does not operate from a place of an eye for an eye… it just simply projects the energy you put toward another and sends it back to you in return. .

We cannot control what others do to us, but we can control what comes back to us… so we must be kind and overlook others, as we want to be overlooked for the things we have done…because we all have moments when we fall from grace.

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