Window 1646 – You have a purpose


When we feel like we don’t fit in, it is darkness that comes in full force, to help us validate those “FALSE” thoughts.  It’s okay not to fit in, because we are each meant to be something different. 

The moment we can begin to accept ourselves, is the moment God’s light within us will begin to illuminate our pathway to seeing our greatness within, and our uniqueness. 

~ WOW ~

Window 1558 – Differences make us not break us

leavesWhen others say hurtful things about our appearance, what we are doing or how we think…we must let whatever others think, think whatever… and just keep walking our walk… for they are our own unique feet.

~ WOW~

Window 1508 – The simplicity of you


When we try to present our self through a projection of who we think people would like, we go completely unnoticed… for the uniqueness of who we are stands out when we are just raw and authentic.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected  3TRN-S0US-YFUD-UASH

Window 1370 – Different makes things beautiful


If the appearance of another person offends us, it is we who are standing in a of ego… for if we can only accept those that appear like us, we have lost all compassion and respect for people.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected  3TRN-S0US-YFUD-UASH

Window 1343 – You are enough


Once we realize that there is no one  that we have to compare ourselves to or compete with, the struggle ends and peace emerges.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected  3TRN-S0US-YFUD-UASH

Window 1317 – Be who you are


Changing who you are and what you think to please another person, will not change anything, accept the path you are meant to be on.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected  3TRN-S0US-YFUD-UASH

Window 1069 – Break out

images67Y3XPAKWe are molded by the circumstances of our life, but we all have the power within, to break the mold that binds us to the past.

~ WOW ~

Window 941 – Shine


When we refuse to blend in with the mainstream, we allow the uniqueness of our spirit, to outshine that which is ordinary.

~ WOW ~

Window 859 – Finding your true self


We will only discover the depth of who are, when we shatter the mirrors of who we think we should be.

~ WOW ~