Window 1739 – Give with no regrets

img_3509-1True kindness, does not resent giving of one’s self, only kindness that is forced, or that is done for another purpose does.

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Window 1738 – Love can heal everything

newlandWhen we allow our anger, to push aside love, and cause us to remove people we love from our life… it is anger, that we have come to love, and are unable to live without.

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Window 1315 – We don’t have the last say


God’s plan will always over ride the wishes of what we think should be, and he will use unexpected people to full fill his desire.

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Window 1307 – Love what seems unlovable


The only way to fight hatred, is to love more and connect with others who are on the same page… for if we hate the haters we just feed more hate, and love decreases.

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Window 981 – The heart never disappears

imagesI2OH4HXKDon’t give up on people that appear to be heartless… for if we chisel away at the callus; that was formed by the wound they endured,  their true self can re-emerge.

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Window 702 – Give from your heart not your ego


When we boast about what we give, we are only giving to feed our ego and receive accolades, instead of giving to truly give.

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Window 690 – Our thoughts are not always a view of truth


Everyone’s perception of a memory is different; but if we can unite  with one another and be open to a view outside of  our own, not only will the truth be illuminated, but growth within all, will expand beyond self-willed thinking.

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Window 685 – Generate love


If we spread seeds of love everywhere we go, they will take root in those who are hungry for a change and help them grow in love… which in turn will create more love, that can be spread onto others who thirst.

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