Window 1516 – We must come together

paddle boatThe world pulls together in a tragedy and then drifts back to a distance of normal… we need to work on pulling together daily, helping those around us and then the normal will become love, instead of distance.

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Window 1426 – Leave the past in the past


The only thing that comes from reminding someone of their past mistakes, is the illumination of the judgment and resentment… that the one who is reminding, is holding on to.

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Window 1265 – Unite in compassion



If we all could accept, that what is different from our normal…the feeling of inadequacy, would never take ownership of anyone.

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Window 679 – The repercussions of knowing the Divine


When one is awakening and focused on the path of Divine light, the more one will be tested by darkness… but those who are oblivious to the power of Divine light are never tormented, because they are already in the clutches  of darkness, without even knowing it.

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Window 556 – The illumination of a prayer


An answer to a prayer does not always show up in the form of what we envision…most of the time it appears in multiple forms that are connected  to the prayers of others.

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Window 498 – Find your light

photo(317)It takes only one person to see the light within us for us to  shine; so look for the light in others, so we can all shine together to block out darkness.
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Window 487 – Surrounded by love

photo(309)When a crowd of people connect through the view of something loving, it feels like a glimpse of what heaven must be like.
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Window 238 – Love is the antidote for suffering


“No one is free from pain if one of us is suffering and until everyone can understand that we are all one and extend a helping hand, one of us will always be in pain.”

If someone is mentally wounded and left alone to suffer, their pain will cause them to implode and inflict pain upon others. 

We cannot change the world, but we can change lives one at a time by reaching out to those we see suffering and let them know we care, because when  love and compassion are released, pain diminishes and prevents new wounds from forming.

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